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The 31st edition of the European Space Directory, published in April 2016, is available from ESD Partners' Paris office.

As usual, it has been compiled and published under the patronage of Eurospace and with the technical assistance of ESA. Both organisations have been keeping us well informed and supporting us in our endeavour to provide as complete and accurate data as possible.

The European Space Directory 2016 has five major sections giving a variety of information on the Space Industry in Europe. Companies from ESA countries still form the core of the Directory.

Editorial Section
  • Foreword, by Jan Wörner, Director General, European Space Agency
  • Publisher’s Note by François Louisin, ESD Partners
  • Europe’s Space Couple ESA-Commission: facing the dynamic (r)evolution of the ‘New Space’ era by Théo Pirard, Space Information Center, Belgium
  • Calendar of Missions for Europe in Space 2016-2025
  • Space in Daily Life, through Integrated Applications
  • Table of Planned/Expected Contracts Related to Civilian Satellites for Communications and Broadcasts
  • Table of Civilian Constellations of Satellites for Space Science & Applications
  • Table & Situation of Satellite Navigation Systems in Operation and in Development Throughout the World
  • Private Initiatives in Europe for the Development of Flexible Micro-Launchers
  • Table of Nanosat Systems (Cubesat Tech.) Manufacturers
  • Table of Europe’s Platforms (Micro- & Mini-Satellites) for Earth Observations
  • Worldwide Development of New Launch Vehicles 2016-2022
  • World Space Programmes and Budgets By Marcel Toussaint, Former Director of Studies, Eurospace
  • List of the Commercial Operators of Space Systems for Users Throughout Europe
  • Eurospace Facts and Figures, by Pierre Lionnet, Director of Research, ASD-Eurospace
  • Launch Sites and Successful Launches of Spacecraft

Company profiles

The European Space Directory offers more than 120 in-depth profiles of space companies and institutions with key information such as:

  • Capital and Shareholders
  • Turnover and Personnel
  • Structure and Activities
  • Main Space Specialisations
  • Main Space Contracts

Minimum Listing

In addition to the company profiles, the EUROPEAN SPACE DIRECTORY offers nearly 100 listings with their names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and website addresses, a contact person and a few lines on space related activities. This section was conceived as an opportunity for institutions and university institutes with limited funds, for small space companies with restricted budgets or others with marginal space activities to allow them to have their entry in the Directory nevertheless.

Who's Who

Names and positions of key personnel and decision-makers are listed here. For organisational reasons, only names from full profile entries are taken into account. Contact persons of companies featuring with a Minimum Listing are to be referred to their listing directly.

Buyer's Guide

The aim of the Buyer's Guide is to enable the users of the Directory to find companies and institutions specialising in various fields of activities and offering different types of space products and services.